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Amazon customers unhappy as many are still waiting for their Xbox One X

The Xbox One X finally released today to such a warm reception that it caused analysts to update their 2017 sales predictions. Unfortunately, some have yet to experience their purchase as Amazon is experiencing stock issues.

For days, customers have been reporting that Amazon’s predicted dispatch date didn’t actually match up with the date of release, despite customers pre-ordering months in advance. This came to a head today, as the Xbox One X hit shelves – or rather didn’t as the company is reportedly experiencing “stock issues” according to Eurogamer.

The issue isn’t just on U.K. shores, either, with the U.S. reportedly experiencing the same delay. The only cushioning that affected customers have is that the wait time isn’t pegged to be too long, spanning between a day to three days.

Although expected when pre-ordering items, release-date delivery isn’t always guaranteed unless the “two-day delivery” option is selected, something which is free to Prime members. Many affected customers across the various platforms stated as such, although the issue doesn’t seem to discriminate as there are paying members also suffering.

“I'd love to play your new console @xbox, but @amazon are telling me my pre-order from August is out of stock and won't get it. Please… stop your business with them,” reads one Twitter user, while Alabama-based BamaRed is steering clear of Amazon pre-orders completely from here on out.

It seems a lot of the stock issues are primarily surrounding the ‘Scorpio Edition’, a limited edition version of the Xbox One X sporting its in-development codename. In fact, Amazon responded to Kotaku directly, stating that it does “have inventory to fulfil all Xbox One X pre-orders” but the “customer delivery date may vary based on their location and chosen shipping method.”

Putting Amazon to shame, U.K.-based company Argos successfully trialled its midnight delivery trial, getting the Xbox One X into its customers hands by 12:01am GMT on the 7th November. Although an impressive feat, Argos has yet to release numbers of customers who partook in the trial, meaning that it could have been a number low enough to warrant easy success.

KitGuru Says: Amazon seems to be dropping the ball a lot lately, following on from the SNES Classic issues just the other month. Have you been affected by the wait times for the Xbox One X?

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