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Corsair launch new LL Series of RGB fans, sporting 16 LEDs each

Steadily increasing its RGB offering, Corsair introduced the world to its HD120 RGB fans last year followed by its HD140 RGB fans this April, both of which sported LEDs around the perimeter. Continuing this trend, the company is now introducing its entirely new LL Series with reworked lighting, combining perimeter and HUB LEDs for its most vibrant illumination yet.

While housing 12 RGB LED nodes around the fan’s edge similar to the HD series, the LL series boasts 4 more around its internal hub, creating more light and greater lighting control in the process. Utilising a hydraulic bearing design, Corsair ensures that the LL Series maintains airflow, keeps quiet and does it in a stylish, personalised manner.

The LL Series can be paired with existing Corsair RGB fans and lighting strips, with all but the single-sold fans coming bundled with the Lighting Node Pro. This allows for control of up to 12 Corsair RGB fans or 8 Corsair RGB Lighting strips, however the company notes that “separate Lighting Node Pro channels [are] required for LL RGB, SP RGB and HD RGB fans & RGB Lighting strips. All use the Corsair LINK software to control the lighting modes, which has been steadily getting better year by year.

Fortunately for fans, Corsair is releasing both the LL120 and LL140 at the same time, meaning potential buyers won’t have to wait in the dark wondering if they can get their hands on a specific size like the confusion around its HD series.

The LL120 RGB spins between 600 and 1,500 RPM, which pushes approximately 43.25 CFM at its maximum and produces about 24.8 dB of noise. The noise rating of the LL140 RGB is a little higher at 25 dB, however its peak airflow is distinctly better at 51.5 CFM while spinning at a lower range of 600 to 1,300 RPM.

Corsairs website has many purchasable options, with a single LL120 RGB fan starting at £34.99 and a lone LL140 at £39.99. The bundles that include the Lighting Node Pro are a little better value for money wise, with two 140mm fans and the strip costing £99.99 and a triple-bundle of 120mm fans and the Node Pro setting you back £119.99, although there are various cheaper prices from third party retailers so we encourage people to shop around. All products come with a standard two-year warranty.

KitGuru Says: currently I don’t own any RGB fans and had a particular bad experience with the CAM software that is used to control NZXT’s Hue+ controller slowing the system down. Fortunately, Corsair’s software has been steadily improving over time, especially with its focus on syncing its various RGB-enabled items. Do you sport RGB in your system? Will you be picking up the new LL Series of fans?

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