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Nvidia CEO takes shots at AMD after revealing record quarterly and full year revenue

We’ve known for quite some time that Nvidia has the larger share of the GPU market, but now it’s letting everyone know just how much. Using the tailwind of “a record quarter wrapping up a record year,” CEO Jen-Hsun Huang didn’t shy from telling everyone that Nvidia is “10x bigger than [their] GPU competitor, so we have a lot more suppliers…supplying us.”

The obvious shots fired at AMD come via PC Perspective’s Editor-in-Chief Ryan Shrout, who tweeted out live from the conference, adding his own conjecture that he isn't “agreeing with AMD's statement that memory is holding back GPU ramps.”

Huang is right that Nvidia has more suppliers, which has enabled the company to withstand the increased demand of GPUs and walk away from an enormous market cap of $131 billion in comparison to that of AMD’s $10.8 billion.

Breaking records, Nvidia’s quarterly revenue improved by 34 percent compared to the year prior, whereas the whole year garnered a 41 percent jump. In turn, earnings per share were also up by a whopping 88 percent, beating analyst estimates entirely.

While gaming is still Nvidia’s biggest market, Huang notes that the company’s success is derived from an increased interest in developing AI, self-driving cars, internet and cloud services and many more experimental and early-stage projects. Of course, cryptocurrency is also something that the company recognises as a sizeable contributor to 2017’s success.

KitGuru Says: If analysts are correct in the assumption that AMD will step up its game throughout 2018, there’s a good chance that Nvidia won’t stay so far ahead for too much longer. And I have my fingers crossed as more competition means more stability to an already rough market.

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