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Nvidia Shield users get Google Assistant & 3 months of YouTube Red

Since the Nvidia Shield TV hit the market in 2015, Google Assistant has been noticeably absent from the Android-powered device. Now, Nvidia is issuing its 6.0 version of the software, bringing the virtual assistant with it and endowing many with the option to stop using their remotes.

With a simple “OK Google,” users can now use their Nvidia Shield device hands free, issuing voice commands in the same way as other smart devices such as Google Home or the Pixel smartphones.

Those that own the Shield’s most recent game controller can prompt the device without any manual input at all, as the sensitive microphone is always listening out. Those tempted in buying the upcoming stripped version of the device that just comes with the remote, however, will have to press a microphone button before using Google Assistant, in the same way that the old Amazon Fire TVs also utilised voice commands.

Previous to the 6.0 update, the Nvidia Shield did have the ability to use Google-powered voice commands, however, it was much more primitive and lacked the same level of functionality as the Google Assistant. With the virtual assistant now integrated, Shield owners can ask follow-up questions to previous questions or comments without having to restate context. For example, you can ask what the best series of all time is, continuing on to ask when it was released once Google Assistant has answered the former.

Along with Google Assistant comes the plethora of access under the search giant’s cloud system, including dates on your calendar, your photos, videos and anything else under the big G banner. The Shield also communicates in great sync with other Google Assistant-powered devices.

In celebration, the Shield 6.0 update also brings both new and existing users a three-month taster of YouTube Red for free.

KitGuru Says: I admit that I don’t use the Google Assistant on my phone all that much unless I am wanting to laugh about some responses. But the idea of being able to choose what I watch without lifting an arm is certainly appealing. Do you own a Shield? Will you be picking one up any time soon?

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