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OverclockersUK launches extreme 8Pack-inspired INFIN8 range

OverclockersUK has announced its brand new 8Pack-inspired INFIN8 range of desktop solutions, collectively worth a whopping £31,000. Of course, OCUK doesn’t skimp on the components, packing custom acrylic pass through plates, dual loop hard pipe water cooling and dual GTX 1080 Tis into the most premium cases on the market.

The Altar

OCUK’s most expensive solution is The Altar, a fully watercooled gaming desk. The Lian Li DK-05X is impressive in itself, offering adjustable height through a motorised mechanism which allows the user to sit or stand. Under the tempered glass panel sits an Intel i9-7900X clocked at 4.6GHz and two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti 11GB graphics cards in SLI configuration.

The Altar’s watercooling system equally balances aesthetic with practicality, using three triple-layer acrylic plates to precisely feed the cooling loops. The first plate channels the coolant from each of the two 400ml EK reservoirs, through the hard piping and into the opposite reservoir, which OCUK states is just for show. The second “manifold” plate provides access to the radiators dedicated to the CPU and GPUs, while the third “component” plate feeds the custom loop to cool them.

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“We always wanted to do a truly mind-blowing desk build, with the idea being to contrast two different fluid colours by cascading each over the reservoir of the other,” states the INFIN8 team. “This became a key design feature of the Altar via twin tube reservoirs mounted to a custom base plate.”

The initial offering comes with a 500GB Samsung 960 EVO Polaris M.2 SSD as its primary drive, backed by a WD 2TB Black secondary hard drive, however storage is configurable if buyers are willing to chip in a little extra. The Altar is already available at OverclockersUK from £10,499.99.

The Hunter

The Hunter takes on the form of a more traditional PC system thanks to the Phanteks Enthoo Elite case. Dual GTX 1080Tis once again make an appearance in SLI configuration, this time paired alongside an Intel i7-7820X, overclocked to a minimum of 4.6GHz.

“The Infin8 Hunter system has been a long time in development, taking our water-cooling game to the next level by sinking its dual loop into four individually designed and laser cut layers of acrylic plating to create one of our most iconic designs.”

This dual loop is comprised of two 250ml EK reservoirs, with the laser cut plates enabling coolant to split between the dedicated CPU quad radiator in the base of the case and the top-mounted quad EK 480 radiator dedicated to cooling both graphics cards. Finally, OCUK has managed to rid its reliance on the industry standard O-rings through its own method of assembly, however the company is remaining hush on that front.

Once again, storage can be modified upon purchase, with the original configuration sporting a primary 500GB Samsung 960 EVO Polaris M.2 SSD and another 500GB Samsung 860 EVO 2.5-inch SATA SSD. The Hunter starts at £7,499.99 over in the OCUK store.

The Monarch

The INFIN8 team has taken inspiration from OCUK’s popular Empress system, ensuring that its new Monarch Extreme Gaming PC has enough headroom for the watercooled dual GTX 1080Tis. The Monarch offers buyers a choice between a ten-core Intel i9-7900X at a minimum clock of 4.7GH, or a six-core Intel i7-8700K at 5.1GHz.

OCUK ships 32GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM at 3000MHz as standard, alongside a primary 500GB Samsung 960 EVO Polaris M.2 SSD and a secondary WD 2TB Black hard drive. Users will have to stick with Corsair if they choose to opt for 64GB memory instead, or cut down to 16GB with T-Force or Nighthawk branded kits.

The Monarch is already available at OverclockersUK from £6,499.99.

The Obelisk

The Obelisk makes use of Thermaltake’s Tower 900, built for showcasing true aesthetic potential. Nvidia’s dual GTX 1080Tis make another appearance, this time backed by Intel’s Coffee Lake i7-8700K at 5.1GHz.

OCUK offer more choice on The Obelisk than any other entry into the INFIN8 series. Not only can users customise the storage from its primary 500GB Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD and 2TB mechanical hard drive, they can switch up its 16GB Nighthawk memory for 32GB, choose between a black or white case and choose any two coolant solutions they desire.

Despite the example mixing a distinct blue and pink design, choices also include a variety of greens, reds, blues, orange, purple and pink. INFIN8 places a lot of pride on its customised hand-braided cables, ensuring that each colour scheme matches that of the custom loop.

Prices for The Obelisk start at £6499.99 over on the OCUK website.

KitGuru Says: Given the prices, it's clear that these systems are meant for enthusiasts and businesses rather than the general user. Which system looks the best to you? While the desk looks awfully tempting, I personally feel that The Obelisk looks positively eye catching.

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