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Streamlabs’ new merch extension makes it easier to make money on Twitch

It’s no secret that turning livestreaming from a hobby into a vocation is difficult, but fortunately Streamlabs has something special in store for those lucky enough to cross that barrier. Instead of burying official merchandise in the wealth of panels on a user’s profile page, a brand new extension allows products to be displayed front and centre with a streamlined purchasing process.

“We know sometimes Merch can get lost behind that small tab on your tip page, so we wanted to create a way to give it the proper exposure,” reads the announcement. With this new Twitch extension for merch, streamers can showcase products centre stage in their bio, allowing communities to better represent merch, increase the streamer’s income and grow their brand.


The panel itself displays the image of the item, prompting viewers to window shop while they watch a stream. The user interface is relatively simple, allowing users to scroll left and right between different products, filter categories to make it easier to find specific items and see time limits left on limited edition merchandise. Purchasing the product has also never been easier, selecting the size, adding to basket and checking out all without leaving the stream.

Of course, the plugin is exclusive to the Streamlabs Merch Store. Users can create a profile here. Once the merch store is set up, users can integrate the extension by clicking here. From there, users need to head to “My Extensions” located within the Twitch dashboard, setting it as a panel from the Streamlabs Merch Store extension dropdown menu.

If everything has been set up correctly, the items should automatically appear within the panel after a few minutes. If this doesn’t happen, Streamlabs urges content creators to check that all of their products are still working correctly on the store itself before getting in touch with support.

KitGuru Says: New content creators are still encouraged to take up livestreaming as a hobby before aiming to make money off the profession, but this certainly makes that jump much easier. As a viewer, it also makes sure that you don’t miss a thing. Do you have any thoughts on Streamlabs’ live merch extension?

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