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Xilence to launch competitively priced PSUs and RGB coolers in the UK

Power Supply and cooler manufacturer Xilence is set to expand into the UK market with its Performance A+ series of PSUs and a range of RGB enhanced coolers. At DISTREE 2018, CEO Michael Albes has taken the time to talk with KitGuru, shedding light on the design process that helps Xilence achieve the quality of its products.

“Xilence is part of the Listan group that also includes be quiet!, but with a stronger focus on price,” Albes explained. “But we have our own Chroma testing facilities, to ensure quality on the final shipping product. Our power supplies and fans are created in Taiwan, with strong connections to mainland manufacturing plants in China.”

be quiet! is often seen as a premium brand with price tags that reflect just that. Xilence tackles the lower to mid-end markets with a focus on after-market CPU coolers. “We still have AMD and Intel compatible coolers for less than £10,” he explained, although this is perhaps the more extreme end of savings offered by the company.

Given that it houses its very own Chroma testing facilities, RGB lighting is a particular focus of Xilence products. That doesn’t mean that the company has lost sight of function in favour of form, however and keeps a close eye on consumer habits surrounding the trend.

“RGB enabled PSUs are less appealing, with the trend in chassis design that tends to favour shrouds over the power supply,” said Albes. “Similarly, we’re unlikely to move into gaming chairs any time soon, the market seems to be completely saturated but gaming desks could be interesting.”

While coy when pressed on the future plans and products of Xilence, Albes was incredibly focused on its current strong suits. “We find that semi-modular PSUs are really popular, especially with system builders, because they make it quicker to build.”

Having signed a UK distribution deal with Target, Xilence products are expected to hit the UK around May, with varying prices dependent on the item. More information on each product should be available in the months leading up to release.

KitGuru Says: It will be interesting to see just how well a company with Euorpean and CIS (Formerly Soviet states) ties will fare in the UK, but it seems to be lining up an offer that should suit a good portion of the UK market for first-time builders. How much should people be ready to pay for their first after-market PSU or cooling solution?

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