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Try 360 degrees of global pixel fun for free

Without doubt, Google maps has played its part in the revolution of the world through technology. We think it’s perfectly normal to check out a route to a destination in another city – from the comfort of our own home.

But there are limitations. Fisheye image provider, 360Cities takes the concept slightly further and in a slightly different direction. KitGuru mounts a new lens and goes for a photographic spin.

From across the globe, serious photographers and casual snappers alike are busy uploading images to a site called 360Cities.

The site itself began in Prague in 2007 by a small team of enthusiasts. It’s now a fully-featured service – with several levels of membership (from free to £360 a year for a multi-person, company licence). It also has integration with Microsoft, Google Maps and Nokia – so expect to see more about it in the future.

Basically, when you use Google Maps, you’re limited to shots taken my mobile capture cars. If the car could not go down a certain road – then there’s no shot. Similarly, Google Maps pictures are not taken from inside buildings. Duh.

If the Link Lords allow in, then clicking here should give you a neat little YouTube video tour of the way 360Cities works and the way it could be integrated with Windows 8 and Bing.

If it continues to grow in popularity, then there are a number of great uses for this kind of site, including:-

Know what you’re going to see and where the cool stuff is

Great opportunity for places where the outside is a little dull – but the inside is superb – to show off a little and put themselves on the map

Sharing this kind of experience with family and friends will automatically extend the Facebook photo concept

What a fantastic way to open up the world to people who are unable, for whatever reason, to travel

We're certain that a 360Cities shot of Kings Cross station in London wouldn't create as much of a sense of space as Taipei provides

KitGuru says: We love the idea, signing up is easy/free and there are a number of cool gadgets for iPhones etc that now make panoramas simple to capture. Personally, we think it’s a great excuse to run off a buy a £500 fisheye lens for the digital SLR, but we gurus just love the kit.

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