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Tweaktown defy Nvidia again to publish GTX660 results

The Tweaktown v Nvidia drama continues. This time the website have published results of testing a new (unnamed) GTX660 reference card – even though Nvidia have worked hard to stop it.

Tweaktown said in their review “We’re being super cautious this time as NVIDIA seemed to work really hard to figure out where our GTX 660 Ti sample came from originally to the point where they seemed to just blame everyone hoping that one company would eventually crack. Because of that we’re not going to be including a GPU-Z screenshot or anything like that. We will cover the main specifications of the card, though. It’s fairly safe to say, though, that our track record speaks for itself when it comes to having the latest NVIDIA cards prior to the official release date.”

This follows one of the Tweaktown editorials called ‘Nvidia’s strong arm tactics – how they treat GPU partners and media’.

So far, the results seem to show that the GTX660 is a close match for the AMD HD7870. The GTX660 is based on Nvidia’s 28nm GK106 CPU and features 960 CUDA cores, 980mhz base clock and a 1033mhz boost GPU speed. It is supplied with 2GB of memory which is clocked at a 6Gbps effective rate across a 192 bit memory interface.

If the Tweaktown review is accurate, the GTX660 looks to be a good card, up with the HD7870, but likely to be priced lower. A winner for everyone. The official NDA is the 12th of September so all the sites adhering to the NDA will be silenced until then.

It is a shame that Nvidia seem to be featured in the press on various sites for their PR teams hostile, childish attitude. A complete focus on the hardware would be nice, after all that is what all of us are interested in. If I was Jen-Hsun Huang I would be asking questions.

Kitguru says: Looks like another winner for Nvidia, and at the right price.

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