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Intel’s new Evo spec is more demanding and feature-packed than ever

For those of you who don't know, Intel Evo is a specification created by the chip manufacturer to ensure devices offer a premium experience across various fields. This week, Intel detailed the third edition of this spec, which comes alongside the announcement of new 12th Gen mobile CPUs and expands the branding into peripherals, foldable PCs, and even desktops.

Most new Intel Evo device requirements are just improvements over the second edition. For example, an Intel Evo laptop now has to offer 9+ hours of real-world battery life, take less than 1s to wake and charge 4 hours of battery in 30mins. In addition, Intel Evo now ensures consistent responsiveness across 25 everyday tasks and four technologies capable of improving video conferencing.

As for the technical requirements, the devices need to pack a 12th Gen SoC, Intel WiFi 6E, 5G and an FHD or better camera. Moreover, it also must feature Intel Connectivity Performance Suite, Dynamic Background Noise Suppression, and Intel Visual Sensing Controller (Wake on Approach and Walk Away Lock). Other features you may also expect from Intel Evo devices include the ability to take calls on your phone and answer them on your laptop, sharing files between devices seamlessly, and a multi-device UX across all linked devices.

Another addition to the Intel Evo specification is devices using foldable displays. Foldable devices must also come with a >16-inch QHD Foldable touch display and a discrete Bluetooth keyboard accessory.

Besides laptops, foldable devices and desktops, peripherals are also included in the Intel Evo branding. These devices must feature thunderbolt connectivity and offer fast wake time, fast charging and cross-device interoperability, like the HP Thunderbolt Dock G2, the Samsung CJ79 Thunderbolt 3 curved monitor, and the OWC Envoy Pro FX portable SSD. As an alternative, they can also use Bluetooth and be simple to pair and easy to switch between a PC and a phone, like the Poly Voyager 4320 UC and the Poly Voyager 4310 UC headsets.

At the moment, Intel is working with 150 partners to launch over 100 Intel Evo designs, including the Lenovo Yoga 9i featuring the 12th Gen Intel Core-P chips.

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