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LG combining OLED and 4K TVs for mainstream in 2014

Every TV manufacturer and his dog are pushing 4K resolution right now, hoping to make it mainstream as soon as possible. Likewise, they're also gunning for people to upgrade their LCDs and Plasmas, to OLED set ups, but few are pushing both at the same time – that's where LG is looking to stand out.

Last week at the IFA conference, LG announced a new 77 inch TV using OLEDs, running at 4K Ultra HD resolution, with a curved screen and with all the latest smart technologies. Of course, the pricing will be catastrophic, this being the largest commercial OLED TV ever released, but LG and many others are planning to knock that price down over the next year.


However, where LG hopes to differentiate itself is with software. Having bought up webOS early in 2013, it's hoping to push the operating system into its TVs, giving them much more varied use than most current-generation smart TVs. It's expected to be available as part of the LG TV lineup next year.

KitGuru Says: It'll all come down to price in the end, and more proliferated content at these sorts of resolutions. There's simply no point in upgrading to a 4K TV at the moment, unless you're really keen on paying huge amounts of money for future proofing, as there's simply very little you can actually watch on a 4K setup at its native resolution – for now.

So what about it KG readers? Do you have any plans to upgrade to 4K and/or OLED? Or have you done it already?

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