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Energizer scores a massive win with new packaging

There’s a very simple question that’s been bugging a lot of people close to KitGuru over the past few months. It all centres on Energizer’s amazing rechargeable batteries and the huge variety of batter/charger options they offer. KitGuru dons a bunny suit and heads to a local supermarket close to midnight.

So how long does a rechargeable battery take to charge and how long does that charge take to dissipate?

Get it wrong on the under-charging side and you will run out of juice before you’ve completed your work.

Overcharge and, alongside the tendency for batteries to imitate hotcakes, you run the risk of reducing the life span of your little power buddies. With the move to 2400 and now 2650 mHa, the applications for these batteries are getting more serious – and so is the need to know what is needed.

Enter the Energizer packaging team and some smart updates:-

The chargers themselves now have snazzy packaging - built in intelligence and a little meter thingy. Nice.


Like the Rosetta Stone before it, all learning comes from this cool print out on the back of each charger. Also nice.

So, there you have it. Energizer batteries need anywhere from 4.5 through to 8 hours and now, KitGuru faithful followers, you know what cycle is best for you.

KitGuru says: It just makes so much sense, we can’t believe that it’s taken so long to get this table right. With most sets of rechargeable batteries (including charger) now costing under £20 and a set of four decent ‘copper coloured batteries’ now costing anything up to £5, there has never been a better time to ditch the old and welcome the new. Remember, with luck, a rechargeable battery can be used hundreds of times.

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