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Google brings affirmative action hiring policy to Israel

Go almost anywhere in the world and ask people what kind of building they want to work in – and Google’s creations are discussed early on and with passion. The company prides itself on integrating humanity into one happy unit. KitGuru wonders how this will work in Israel.

Opening a brand new office in Tel Aviv is a strong statement of intent from Google.

As you would expect, it’s internals are positively breathtaking – certainly something very different from any regular office. It is as if a bunch of very rich, very smart people wanted to create the perfect environment for its staff. Each area has its own character – and they are all seamlessly integrated.

Google has a dream, that one day the children of Arabs and Jews...
...will come together in the spirit of love, respect and harmony...
...will come together and buy Google Ad Words like they are going out of fashion. They have a dream.


Remember, we are talking about a company that doesn’t just accept difference: It celebrates it, supports it and – so the higher echelons of Google-dom claim – thrives on those differences.

In all likelihood, Google will see ‘being in Israel’ as a way to help change the regime from the inside – but this is something that we’re waiting on a response about. Remember, they tried hard to fight with the entire Chinese government on issues of censorship and snooping which, at the very least, helped improve Google’s brand in the country.

In Israel, Google’s policies will be interesting. The country, as a whole, does support a two state system and every single political viewpoint is clearly represented – possibly with greater granularity than you might wish for.

In a way, looking at how Arab parties picked up an increase of Jewish votes in this year’s elections, the country seems to be at a turning point – with a renewed desire to form a peaceful future with the countries that surround it and the territories that divide it.

Maybe Google’s approach to employment and respect for all peoples can act as a catalyst. We can hope.

Sure, we can all level huge amounts of criticism at Israel for its actions over the years, but - when all is said and done - you are much more likely to find a mosque in central Tel Aviv than a Synagogue in Mecca.


At the time we went to press, we had not had a response from Google’s press team about exactly how its equal the opportunities will really be implemented over in Tel Aviv. Specifically, we want to know if an Arabic woman was the best suited candidate to run the Tel Aviv office, would anything prevent her from getting the job? We’ll let you know if we get a response.

KitGuru says: We applaud any company that takes this kind of step – to try and bring some ‘normalisation’ to a region that has been so divided. Sure, Google will have its critics, but if it can help make a difference – even if it is only in a handful of living spaces – then maybe that psychology will begin to permeate to a wider audience.

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