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3 Ways Technology Will Replace Your Weekend Workers

Depending on where you live, tasks like mowing the lawn and weed whacking aren’t so simple. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, for example, the weeds can grow six feet in less than a week following winter. If you live on a large property, you’re looking at ten plus hours of weed whacking and mowing. Who wants to do that?

Chores like vacuuming look easy when you live alone, but if you’ve got a family – or pets – it’s a daily requirement. Thankfully, there are people who got tired of doing these types of tedious chores and invented a way to outsource them to technology.

Now you don’t have to underpay high school kids to do your household chores. Don’t want to paint your house? A robot armed with a 3,000 PSI high velocity paint sprayer can do that, too. Here are three more ways robots are replacing weekend workers:

Truly self-cleaning pools:

It’s expensive to hire someone to clean your pool on a regular basis, especially when you already use automatic tools that don’t quite get the job done.

If you have a pool, you know how fast an algae accumulates in areas where the water tends to sit for long periods of time. Even if you don’t want to use chemicals, sometimes there’s no other option. Meanwhile, you’re still paying your pool cleaner.

You might have an automatic skimmer or vacuum you let loose in the water, but that’s not exactly self-cleaning. True self-cleaning begins with the way the pool’s water is circulated.

A truly self-cleaning pool employs technology that eliminates your need to keep paying your pool cleaner. Technology like the Vantage system used by Compass Pools. It’s more than a skimmer; it’s a system that sustains the circulation of water to prevent the build-up of algae and other debris in the first place. What this system does differently is it works from bottom to top, thoroughly penetrating all of the layers of water.

This technology places popup nozzles throughout the pool that rotate and spray in all directions, and it catches large debris before it reaches the pump basket. The best part is it runs on passive solar, which means it also reduces your energy bills while keeping your pool warm. Your weekend pool cleaner can’t do that.

Robot vacuums:

If you can’t build a robot to do your housework, all you need is a robot vacuum. Even if you have a top-of-the-line upright vacuum, there are reasons to have a robot wandering around your house, sucking up dirt.

If you have allergies, are sensitive to dust, or have friends who are allergic to your pets, setting a robot vacuum loose in your home will remove the burden from your vacuuming efforts. These robot vacuums can also clean under beds, couches, and some furniture.

The iRobot made by Roomba seems to be the best on the market, according to multiple reviews. What makes this model most efficient is that it agitates the particles in the rug and then sucks them up. Regular vacuum cleaners only have the power of suction and when you’ve got allergies, that’s not enough.

Besides, it’s fun to watch your pets ride a Roomba around the house. Let your kitten take it for a spin.

Robot lawn mowers:

Powered by batteries, robotic lawn mowers are a reality. They have spinning blades that (quietly) chop away at your grass on a set schedule. They’re a good investment if you don’t want to deal with all the frustrations that come with mowing your lawn. Like getting dressed, pulling the cord fifteen times, or smelling gas for an hour.

The Robomow seems to be the best mower bot for precision. It can tackle ¾ of an acre in a little over an hour, and will cut right up to the edges of your lawn. Of course there’s an app to go with it that lets you tweak some settings and pilot the mower remotely.

The only effort on your part is tacking down the low-voltage wire to create the perimeter. Using a robot mower is easier than posting ads on Craigslist looking for a high school kid who wants to make a quick $20.

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