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Is Audio The New Future Of Advertising?

Today, most advertising takes place on the internet because that’s where people spend their time. Direct mail isn’t dead, but it has taken a backseat to platforms like Facebook ads and Google Adwords. While Facebook’s ads are seen only on Facebook, Google’s ads can be seen on a good number …

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Latest Smart Home Tech Trends Marked by Practicality

When someone mentions the idea of a smart home, what images come to mind? Do you picture a house controlled by robots – or maybe a futuristic building that resembles a strange spaceship? There are lots of preconceived notions about what the modern smart home actually entails, but they’re almost …

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Samsung wants to turn your home smart for £200

Smart homes with connected features and digital controls are something we've all been promised for decades, but it always seemed like something that needed to be built into the house during construction. Of course in a world of wireless internet and applications, that's no longer the case and Samsung wants …

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Samsung acquires smart home company SmartThings

Samsung Electronics this week said that it had acquired SmartThings, a company that develops software and hardware for smart homes. The acquisition will help SmartThings to expand its product line, whereas Samsung will be able to enter a new market of smart home appliances. The company will continue to operate …

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