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Netatmo launches Watch Dogs style security camera with facial recognition

Smart home devices have been making their way to the market for some time now but there is always room for improvement. This week, Paris-based tech company, Netatmo, is launching a new smart home security camera that can recognize faces- Watch Dogs style. This is the first home security camera of its kind to implement such a feature as well.

The smart camera is called ‘Welcome', which will send the names of people it recognizes walking in to its view to a user's smartphone. The face recognition system will put names to the faces it sees and will be able to notify owners when an unknown face is detected.


Aside from the technology breakthrough involved, the Welcome is a pretty solid camera on its own, with accurate colours, 1080p broadcasting, night vision and a 130 degree field of view angle. The camera already made a bit of a name for itself back at CES, at which it won four trade show awards.

The Welcome smart home security camera is now available for £199 at the Netatmo website, HERE.  

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KitGuru Says: We've taken a look at one or two home security cameras here at KitGuru in the past, although I don't think they had a feature set as impressive as this one. 

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