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This smart plug will reset your router for you if your internet dies

It can be a frustrating experience when your internet connection dies, particularly if you have to mess around turning your router on and off again until it works. However, the ResetPlug may be able to help out with that, by checking that everything is connected and then resetting the router for you if connection to the web is lost.

As far as handy little gadgets for the house go, this isn't a bad idea. The ResetPlug does have a fairly hefty $60 price tag though, so it might only be worth it if you find yourself having to reset the router fairly often.

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This appears to be a US-only product at the moment but its easy enough to set up. As you would expect, you plug the ResetPlug into an outlet and then plug your router or modem into it. From there, it will monitor your connection and perform a reset if any issues occur.

KitGuru Says: I used to have plenty of problems with my internet dropping out back where I used to live. Fortunately things have improved considerably since then but this device would've been quite handy to have back then. Do any of you have a lot of problems with Internet dropping out? Would you fork out for something like this?

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