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Amazon CEO says Fire Phone was a ‘smart failure’

It is safe to say that the Amazon Fire phone hasn’t lived up to the company’s hopes or expectations, failing to appeal to both critics and consumers but at least Amazon isn’t under any delusions as CEO, Jeff Bezos categorizes the device as a “smart failure”.

Speaking with NBC, Bezos said: “People love to focus on things that aren’t working. That’s fine, but it’s incredibly hard to get people to take bold bets. And if you push people to take bold bets, there will be experiments … that don’t work”. He went on to note that Amazon’s other services and devices, such as Prime and the Kindle, were bets that did pay off.


Since the Fire phone fell flat on its face, Amazon doesn’t have any immediate plans for a new device but we may see one in “some number of years”. Jeff Bezos admits that it is going to take many iterations to get this one right.

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KitGuru Says: The Amazon Fire phone wasn’t a particularly great device and the demand for a phone from the company was evidently non existent. What do you guys think of the Fire phone? Was it a bad idea? 

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