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Were we better gamers than our kids?

Even though gaming is still portrayed as a young person's hobby, there's no denying that the average age of gamers is getting older and older. While that may be the case, the children of today have access to so many more games than their parents, with smartphone apps, downloadable console and PC …

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Don Mattrick ousted from Zynga, stock bombs

When Don Mattrick made a pig's ear of the Xbox One unveiling, suggesting that users without decent internet should just buy an Xbox 360 among other things, no one thought he would be hired on by another large gaming company, but that's exactly what happened. Just a short while after …

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Amazon CEO says Fire Phone was a ‘smart failure’

It is safe to say that the Amazon Fire phone hasn't lived up to the company's hopes or expectations, failing to appeal to both critics and consumers but at least Amazon isn't under any delusions as CEO, Jeff Bezos categorizes the device as a “smart failure”. Speaking with NBC, Bezos …

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Acid test for Byrne-effect as AMD prepares Q4 results

As the Dragon's Den is always telling us, life is all about revenue. Sure, profit is important, but you can always adjust your cost base to suit a particular business model and, thereby, improve your bottom line. But that only works once you have the revenue. On that basis, you …

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