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Amazon might start bundling music streaming with Prime

Amazon has been attempting to put as much value in to the Prime membership program as possible, just recently it announced that Lovefilm was going away to be replaced by Amazon Instant Video which is free for Prime members but now the company wants to bundle music with its service as well.

A report from Recode mentions that talks are still in the early stages, so the Online retailer isn’t going to be competing with Spotify just yet but it is talking to Record Labels about an on-demand music service. That said, the talks may not be going so well as one source has reported that a deal is far from being made and that Amazon is looking for a substantial discount on the prices that most other services have to pay.


Amazon is trying to flesh out the Prime service, which makes sense but there are already a lot of music streaming services on the market and new ones have been popping up quite regularly over the last year. The company is already spending an estimated $1 billion on content for its Instant Video service, which isn’t being used by a lot of people, so it makes me wonder if that trend would carry on in to its music service.

KitGuru Says: If Amazon does end up securing a music streaming deal then Prime will offer better value especially considering it’s recent price bump from £49 to £79 a year. That said, most people are probably content with the services they already have.

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