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Asus is giving away some of its wireless routers

Here in the UK, ISPs and their routers can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to speeds and range even on higher tier packages. However, ASUS appears to be pretty confident that its routers can improve your experience, which is why they are currently running a ‘Test Pilot' competition, inviting people to share their poor WiFi experiences online for a chance to get a new ASUS router.

Entrants need to be based here in the UK for this particular giveaway. ASUS has set up an entry page, where you will be asked what ISP and broadband service you currently use, along with how happy you are with your current router's performance. You will also need to explain why you would like a new ASUS router and how it would benefit your home.

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If your entry is up to scratch, then ASUS will send you a new router in return to help improve WiFi coverage in your house. You can find the entry page, HERE. This is not a KitGuru giveaway so messages sent directly to us won't get you anywhere, we are merely sharing this competition in case it ends up helping out any of our UK readers.

KitGuru Says: ASUS does make some excellent wireless routers so if you are struggling with WiFi signal or speeds in your house, this could be a good way to get your hands on an upgrade. 

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