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Corning Gorilla Glass Victus offers improved scratch and shatter resistance

High-end smartphones have had Corning’s Gorilla Glass for years now, offering both scratch and crack/shatter resistance to protect our phone displays. Gorilla Glass 6 arrived in 2018 but this year, Corning has something new coming- Gorilla Glass Victus. 

This is not Gorilla Glass 7, but it is said to be “the toughest Gorilla Glass yet”, with the Victus containing “significant improvements in drop and scratch performance”.

For the first time, Gorilla Glass can protect against drops and scratches simultaneously without trade-off. In Corning's own tests, a dummy smartphone with Gorilla Glass Victus can come out of a 2-meter drop unscathed, which is significantly more than the drop resistance of Gorilla Glass 6, which could withstand up to 1.6 meter drops.

In terms of how many times Gorilla Glass Victus can be dropped without issue, it can survive at least 20 1 meter drops, while Gorilla Glass 6 was rated for 15 drops before issues began to arise.

We don't know what smartphones will be using Gorilla Glass Victus but we may well see several quite soon. In August, Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note 20, Apple's next iPhone is coming in September and we should be getting a new Google Pixel in October too. We'll likely see it adopted in the wider smartphone market throughout 2021 too.

KitGuru Says: Given the number of smartphones designed with larger glass panels nowadays, improvements like this are always needed. Have any of you had any issues with phones smashing or cracking in the last couple of years? 

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