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GAME accidentally charged pre-orderers five times for Super Mario Maker

One of the Wii U’s most anticipated titles, Super Mario Maker is coming up this month. Unfortunately, UK retailer, GAME, has had a bit of a mix up and accidentally charged customers five times for their pre-orders of the game. Fortunately, apologies have been sent out and everything should be reversed within the next 24 hours.

Super Mario Maker lets players design their own levels. Those who create levels must complete it at least once themselves before they can upload it and share it with other Wii U owners, which should help combat the purposefully unbeatable levels.


GAME has been taking pre-orders for the game for some time but this week some customers found that they were charged multiple times for one copy of the game, resulting in a £234.95 bank charge. As Eurogamer noticed, the GAME Help Twitter account has been sending out apologies to affected customers tweeting in.

The issue should be resolved within the next 24 hours but for now, if you happened to pre-order Super Mario Maker at GAME, you may want to check your bank balance.

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KitGuru Says: That is quite the mix up on GAME’s part. Hopefully everything can be resolved quickly and those affected don’t face any complications with their banks. 

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