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Google may launch its own wireless service in the US

Google is apparently working on its own wireless service for mobile phones in the US, which would make use of the T-Mobile and Sprint networks. Google will achieve this by purchasing bandwidth from two of the four national carriers, rather than building its own network from scratch.

Google has been rumored to launch an MVNO in the past, with Google owning its own network it could better control the experience customers have with their devices with faster updates and no carrier bloatware.


According to reports, Google is also hoping to shake up pricing plans by experimenting with communication apps of some sort, although exact details are thin for now.

The network project is currently codenamed Project Nova and is being run by Google executive, Nick Fox, who originally wanted to launch it last year. There is no word on when the network may actually launch but Google is apparently close to finishing up the project.

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KitGuru Says: Google forming its own network could have its benefits. It seems like the company is trying to spread its reach everywhere these days. What do you guys this? Should Google start up its on network?

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