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HMV starts selling digital Xbox and PlayStation games

HMV is expanding on its new digital offerings by stocking game codes for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games in store. The company has said that stocking individual titles, rather than specific amounts of digital currency, makes it easier for consumers to understand exactly what they are getting for their money.

Speaking with UK trade magazine, MCV, HMV games boss, Phil Browes said: “Our new digital retail proposition provides consumers with an extensive digital games product offering from Microsoft and Sony”.


“The first few weeks’ sales have been strong and it is obviously resonating well with our customer base. We are looking forward to building on this throughout 2015 as we further enhance our digital offer.”

HMV has added full 5ft bays for Sony and Microsoft in most of its stores now. This also ties in nicely to the digital focus that the next generation consoles have.

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KitGuru Says: If HMV can offer a good selection of digital titles for the new consoles then it may be an attractive option to shoppers. However, pricing will play an important factor, particularly if an on-disc copy of a game ends up being cheaper than a digital one.

Source: MCV

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