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Intel to launch its own wireless charging technology next year

Intel looks set to launch its own wireless charging technology early next year according to new reports. The Intel-made solution should also begin shipping in upcoming smartphones, although it is not yet clear which devices will make use of the new technology.

According to FocusTaiwan, Intel's General manager of Wireless Charging, Kumar Chinnaswamy supposedly confirmed that several smartphones have already been certified to utilize Intel's form of wireless charging. The general manager also noted that devices that require much more battery power, such as notebooks or tablets, will be adopting the new functionality during the second half of 2015.


The firm is looking to focus on mid to high end laptops first, driving us towards a wire free future. Low end technology should be able to adopt the functionality by 2017. The notebooks set to use Intel's wireless solution will also be powered by the Core M series chips.

We don't know how Intel's form of wireless charging will work but we do know that the company is currently backing a standards organisation known as the Alliance for Wireless Power, which has been promoting magnetic resonance technology. Other members of the alliance include Samsung, Qualcomm and Asus. Additionally, the Alliance is currently looking to overtake the Wireless Power Consortium, the group behind Qi charging, in terms of market dominance.

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KitGuru Says: Intel has probably been working on wireless charging technologies for a number of years now. It will be interesting to see what it comes up with and how it compares to the solutions we have available today. Do any of you guys use any wireless charging devices?

Source: FocusTaiwan

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