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It turns out that The Interview will be shown on Christmas day afterall

It turns out that Sony will be letting some theaters show The Interview on Christmas day after all. The film’s Thursday release was originally cancelled following threats from a hacking group tied to North Korea. However, it looks like Sony has changed its mind following public criticism.

The owner of the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas tweeted today that the movie will be coming to his theater. The Plaza theater in Atlanta also announced that the film will be shown via Facebook. This follows the North Korean Internet outage, which is rumored to be the US response to the Sony Pictures hack.


Aside from a theatrical release, Sony is also looking at its options for a home release, whether that be via a streaming service or physical disc. However, according to a Sony lawyer, the company has yet to decide on its best option.

The Interview has stirred up quite a bit of controversy throughout 2014, due to the depiction of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un’s assassination.

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KitGuru Says: Sony has yet to make an official announcement of its own but it looks like The Interview will be released this week after all. I imagine a fair few people will try and go and see it thanks to the amount of trouble it has caused. 

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