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Microsoft continues to tempt Mac users with Surface devices

It seems like things are looking good for Microsoft and its Surface line-up as the company revealed this week that more people are switching to Surface than ever before. The company also claims that it is snapping up a lot of former Apple customers specifically, following the “disappointment of the new MacBook Pro”.

In a self-congratulatory blog post today, Microsoft revealed that November has been the “best month ever” for Surface tablet sales, which is likely partially down to Black Friday deals on the Surface Pro 4. However, aside from it being deal season, Microsoft cites another key reason for high sales- a lot of Mac users are switching.


“Our trade-in program for MacBooks was our best ever, and the combination of excitement for the innovation of Surface coupled with the disappointment of the new MacBook Pro – especially among professionals – is leading more and more people to make the switch to Surface”.

Microsoft didn’t provide any specific figures for its claims but given the issues some users are currently facing with the new MacBook Pro, alongside some questionable design choices it is easy to see why some may be disappointed in Apple’s latest flagship laptop.

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KitGuru Says: Microsoft’s Surface line-up has generated a lot of buzz this year. The tablets are continuing to do well, the Surface Book was a very impressive bit of tech, the Surface Hub has launched and soon, Microsoft’s Surface Dial and Surface Studio will join the roster. Do any of you own a Surface device? Have you been happy with it?

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  • Camm

    Stars havent aligned for tech refreshessurface specs for me yet to justify the price of a Surface. Once that happens, I’ll likely buy one.

  • Christopher Lennon

    I have a Surface Pro 3, actually won it in an online giveaway, and I love it. I’ve yet to have a single problem with it in two years and I’ve come to love the surface pen

  • warriorscot

    Surface is great, would love for them to do a trade in upgrade program for the existing surface books to the new ones.

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