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Microsoft hits $32.5 billion Q2 target- gaming, cloud, Surface and Enterprise revenue all rise

Microsoft might be lagging behind in core hardware sales this console generation, but the company seems to be making up for it somehow with continued revenue growth. Microsoft's gaming revenue rose by eight percent during Q2, generating $4.23 billion overall.

While Microsoft scrounged up $4.32 billion over the holiday period, the bigger story is that Microsoft's gaming branch has generated $11.5 billion overall in the last 12 months, up from around $9 billion the year before. With that in mind, it is no wonder we saw Microsoft begin to heavily invest in gaming once again over 2018, acquiring several new studios and putting all of its chips into Game Pass.

Microsoft's other business ventures are also on the rise, with Surface revenue up by 39 percent, Windows commercial products and cloud revenue services up by 13 percent and Bing search engine revenue up by 14 percent.

Azure saw 76 percent revenue growth over Q2, while cloud server and services revenue was up by 24 percent. Finally, Microsoft's Enterprise Services revenue rose by 6 percent. In total, the company brought in $32.5 billion over the second quarter of the 2018-19 financial year.

KitGuru Says: Microsoft has been doing extremely well all year round, with the push for cloud services really paying off. For Xbox specifically, we should continue to see good numbers as first-party studios begin to release new games, which will boost Game Pass subscriptions. Beyond that, we also have the upcoming launch of Project xCloud and next-gen consoles, both of which are going to be key focuses in the future. 

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