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Microsoft is shutting down Wunderlist next year and replacing it with To-Do

Back in June 2015, Microsoft spent an estimated $100 million to acquire the Wunderlist app. During that time, Microsoft has been keeping Wunderlist alive and slowly building up its own competing app called ‘To-Do'. Now in 2020, Wunderlist will officially be closed down, with Microsoft's To-Do app set to replace it.

In an announcement published last night, Microsoft confirmed plans to shut down Wunderlist on the 6th of May 2020, at which point, users will need to either import their lists to the To-Do app, or they'll need to start again on a different app entirely.

“We’ve been working tirelessly to ensure our new app, Microsoft To Do, feels like a new home for your lists. We want you to be able to start planning your day and checking off those to-dos as soon as you hit that import button. Your favourite features are all in To Do – features like list groups (folders), steps (subtasks), file attachments, and sharing and task assignments. We held ourselves to a high design standard on Wunderlist, and To Do is no different.”

Wunderlist has stopped receiving big updates and new features in preparation for the transition over to Microsoft To-Do. Users that want to keep their lists in-tact will need to export their lists, or import their Wunderlist data into To-Do before the 6th of May. After that date, lists will no longer synchronise between users or devices and the app will start to disappear.

KitGuru Says: I haven't given To-Do a try yet but we've been using Wunderlist here at KitGuru for a long time now to share and assign news tasks. Do any of you currently use Wunderlist? Will you be moving over to To-Do when it shuts down, or have you found a different app?

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