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Microsoft launches new wireless display adapter

Back in 2014, Microsoft first introduced a brand-new accessory, allowing users to project anything with Miracast enabled to another screen without the need for long cables. The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is about 18 months old now, which means it is due an update, so Microsoft will be bringing out a new one later this year.

Writing on the Windows blog, Microsoft's Product Marketing manager, Chris Smellie, said: “The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter didn’t rely on specific apps to display content – any and all screen images went right to an HDTV or monitor thanks to Miracast technology. We heard great feedback about the device, most notably from students and mobile professionals, due to the size, ease of use for setup, and the fact there was no internet required for it to work.”


“So today, we are announcing the next generation of Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. It brings the best features and functionality of the first generation while reducing the latency and packing it into a new form factor. ”

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter will still be as easy to set up as it was before and still support miracast enabled devices, including the new Surface line-up and several Windows 10 smartphones. The next generation adapter will be going on sale in the US and Canada from the 1st of March for $50 but it will likely spread to other regions later in the year.

KitGuru Says: Being able to beam an image to a larger display wirelessly, rather than having to carry around long cables is a pretty good idea and this new-gen adapter should have improved latency and response time too. 

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