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Mobile networks to invest £5 billion on improving coverage

The UK's four largest networks, EE, O2, Vodafone and Three have all agreed to work together to improve the country's patchy coverage areas by 2017. These particular coverage spots can often receive a signal from one or two networks, while those tied to other companies will find themselves without signal.

The four big networks are aiming to halve the number of areas where only one or two networks can receive a signal over the next two years, which should greatly improve reception- particularly in rural areas. Full coverage will be boosted from 69 per cent to 85 per cent by 2017.


Total blackout spots will also see a significant reduction, with two thirds of them disappearing. This proposal will reportedly see £5 billion invested in to the network infrastructure.

This is likely a response to the government attempting to pass legislation that would allow UK phone owners to switch between networks whenever they can't receive a signal. Rather than letting that law come to pass, the networks settled and decided to do more on their part to improve coverage- as they should.

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KitGuru Says: While it is nice to see the networks put a plan in place, there is no guaranteeing that they will deliver. We see broadband companies making plans to improve infrastructure all of the time and we often see them miss deadlines or in some cases, give up entirely.

Source: Gov.uk

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