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Mods are locking up subreddits after AMA co-ordinator fired

Reddit, otherwise known as the front page of the internet, has kicked up quite the storm this morning as moderators behind popular subreddits have begun started making their community pages private, locking out the rest of the internet along with new users, all in protest after one of Reddit's key employees was fired.

Victoria Taylor, the person behind the AMA sessions on Reddit, was let go yesterday and while Reddit management has not publicly confirmed why, there are a few rumours (via: TechCrunch) going around  ranging from a recent AMA session with Jesse Jackson that went a little out of control, all the way to rejecting ideas from upper staff, such as video AMA sessions.


Now the trouble for Reddit's management here is the moderators of these popular subreddits essentially hold the keys to the site. If they start locking down pages and shutting people out, that will have a big effect on Reddit's traffic and in turn, its revenue.

Taylor originally joined Reddit back in 2013 as the director of communications, making her the key point of contact for many moderators on Reddit. As you can see from the on-going drama, many moderators weren't happy to see her let go from the company. There is even a sizeable list showing all of the current subreddits that are down or locked. 

The situation will need some monitoring over the next few days but it seems that Reddit is going to need to make some changes to get its mods back on its side.

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KitGuru Says: It looks like Reddit has quite the situation on its hands. Do any of you guys regularly use Reddit? What do you think of the current situation? One of the main complaints amongst mods appears to be the lack of communication between Reddit's upper staff and themselves. 

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