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NZXT BLD is heading to the UK, Spain and New Zealand

For a few years now, NZXT has offered its own direct-to-consumer PC building service, allowing customers to select parts based on the games they play the most and then have a PC built and shipped to them. Availability of the NZXT BLD program has been limited to the US for now, but a global expansion is now taking place, with NZXT BLD set to be available in the UK, Spain and New Zealand. 

NZXT offers a whole range of BLD systems to suit all kinds of budgets, for gamers, creators and streaming. With BLD you can set a budget, choose between an AMD or Intel PC and then move forward into a full custom build suite with parts that suit your budget. From there, you just have to select your specs, checkout and NZXT handles the rest.

As part of NZXT's continued global expansion, the BLD custom PC service will be launching in Spain and New Zealand today, followed by the United Kingdom later this Summer. The custom build tool also comes with a performance tab, so you can select games you are interested in playing and get a rough idea of what frame rates you should achieve with your chosen specifications.

If your chosen system does not end up performing within 10% of NZXT's performance estimations, you can return the PC for free. Aside from custom PCs, this expansion also means NZXT will be selling its popular hardware and peripherals, including H-series cases, Kraken AIO liquid coolers, streaming gear, keyboards and more.

You can visit NZXT's website for a full look at their direct store and custom PC builder. Discuss on our Facebook page, HERE.

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