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AMD graphics cards are starting to drop below MSRP

After many months of overpriced GPUs, the saga is finally coming to an end. Recently, Nvidia restocked its Founders Edition graphics cards at MSRP here in the UK. Now, it looks like there is also good news for those looking to pick up an AMD GPU, as many models are now being sold for less than MSRP. 

3DCenter has updated its on-going EU graphics pricing analysis, showing how things have evolved over the last few weeks. Overall, graphics cards are now cheaper across the board but there are some specific GPUs worth highlighting.

RX 6000 series graphics card prices have dropped by ten percentage points on average, dropping below MSRP. At this point, all RX 6000 graphics cards should be purchasable at or below MSRP in Germany and Austria, with the exception of the RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT, which are still hovering at 3% and 6% over MSRP, respectively.

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KitGuru says: If you have waited until now to buy a graphics card, there's currently a wide range of options to choose from at reasonable prices. However, some GPUs are still too expensive, and by the time they drop to reasonable levels, Nvidia or AMD may already have next-gen GPUs ready to launch. 

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