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Ofcom investigates EE and Vodafone over inaccurate network coverage information

Ofcom is cracking down on UK telecom practices once again, this time taking aim at EE and Vodafone over allegations of inaccurate data coverage information. These inaccurate statistics seem to primarily be affecting those who live in rural areas.

Ofcom launched its investigation earlier this week and aims to figure out if Vodafone or EE are failing to provide customers with accurate coverage information upon request. For EE, Ofcom is specifically looking at EE for potentially overestimating 3G coverage in rural areas. Vodafone has the opposite issue, with the network apparently underestimating its 4G coverage in some areas.

Image via EE. 

EE has already taken the feedback from Ofcom on board and has made minor changes to its predicted data coverage for a “very small number” of specific areas. Vodafone has also adjusted its data to “reflect the signal customers actually receive” on their phones.

As usual, both networks could end up receiving sanctions in some form, although given that changes have already been implemented based on Ofcom’s feedback, this situation will likely just go away quietly.

KitGuru Says: A lot of people rely on network coverage maps when considering changing to a new provider, so ensuring that information is accurate is a high priority. Have any of you had issues with network coverage in areas where it should be good? 

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