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Three UK steps up legal action against Ofcom’s 5G limitation

Back in July, Ofcom imposed a new limitation restricting the amount of the 5G spectrum that mobile providers can buy to 37 percent. A lot has snowballed since then, with UK mobile companies Three gearing up a legal challenge to Ofcom’s decision and Vodafone saying this legal action will “unnecessarily …

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BT and Openreach are being legally separated

Over the years, BT has often come under fire for its operation of Openreach, the backbone of the UK’s internet infrastructure. Upgrades to the lines have been slow and other ISPs who rely on OpenReach have also accused BT of providing a poor service. Now, after a lengthy regulatory battle, …

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Ofcom wants to split up BT and Openreach


Back in July, UK communications regulator Ofcom set its sights on BT and ordered the ISP to make itself more independent from Openreach. At first, BT complied and said that it would work on addressing these complaints but in the time since then, little has been done, forcing Ofcom to …

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ATVOD is no more, OfCom to take over regulation duties

Authority for Television On Demand (ATVOD), the regulatory body for on demand TV platforms in the UK, like 4OD, BBC iPlayer and the ITV player, is set to close after just five years of operation. It’s regulatory responsibilities, which lately have seen the organisation go after porn site operators, will …

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BT: US telecom companies stifle competition

Breaking America is difficult, whether you’re a pop star or a giant telecoms company, apparently. UK based BT has called on U.S. regulators to change the current laws on the sale of network usage, making it possible for different companies to access each other’s network at a regulated price. As …

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UK web users happy to give away personal data

The debate over internet privacy is one that’s going to rage for years to come thanks to the continued back and forth tug of war between the likes of politicians, lobby groups and whistle blowers like Edward Snowden. However, in the eyes of the public it seems that that debate …

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Three confirms plan to buy O2 for over £10 billion

Hutchinson Whampoa, the parent company of UK mobile network, Three,  has confirmed that it is hosting “executive negotiations” with Telefonica to acquire O2 for £10.25 billion. This news comes just a few days after rumors of a potential purchase began to fly around. In a statement from Hutchinson, a company …

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Youtubers warned by Ad Standards to flag promo videos

Along with all of the GamerGate furore that has engulfed the world of games journalism in the past few months, Youtube Let’s Players have been catching flak too, for not making promotional videos obvious enough. Sure they might have put a disclaimer in the description, but when the content in …

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OfCom to expand wireless broadband spectrum

Despite BT’s continued roll out of fibre broadband and pledges from many of the country’s ISPs to deliver high-speed internet to more rural locations, there are some parts of the UK which are still woefully behind the technological trend. Often the reason is a small local population or the area …

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Watch London Zoo’s animals live on Youtube

Considering how much of the internet is consumed by animal pictures, videos and GIFs (the unholy marriage of the former two) it seems ridiculous that someone didn’t think of this already. Now though, thanks to a partnership between London Zoo and Google, you can view live video streams of some …

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Is your mobile provider the worst for calls?

Mobile phone coverage in the UK might be a lot better now than it was ten years ago, but if you don’t live in one of the major cities, making sure your home have enough bars to receive and make calls is an important consideration. That’s why OfCom has recently …

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Ofcom wants to quadruple 4G license fees

If you thought 4G data prices were bad now, wait until you hear this: Ofcom, the UK communications regulator wants to quadruple the price of licensing 4G signal bands for networks. If the network is going to be paying 4 times more, it’d be safe to assume customers would also …

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OfCom study claims piracy isn’t a big deal

British broadcasting watchdog, OfCom, has conducted a study of piracy and online activity without interference from the media industry or its lobby groups and has found that piracy isn’t perpetrated by large numbers of people and should be of little concern to the government or content producing companies. The research …

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Leaving mobile contract without penalty: the future?


British telecoms regulator OfCom has announced its intention to push for a law change on current mobile contracts. It wants it to be possible for consumers to leave their mobile, landline or broadband provider mid-contract, if said provider raises prices at all. As it stands, consumers are only allowed to …

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4G auction applications begin in UK


Finally the ball is starting to roll with next-generation British mobile broadband, with the auction applications for the 4G spectrum beginning in earnest. Mobile providers have until 4PM today to submit their bids, as well as a £100,000 deposit. Regulator OfCom will be vetting the bids and handling the auction, …

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UK mobile providers team up to speed 4G release


Considering the back and forth arguing of the different mobile providers in the UK about how the 4G auction should be completed, you’d be forgiven for not believing that they’ve now banded together to speed up the release of the 4G spectrum: but that’s exactly what’s happened. Vodafone, Everything Everywhere …

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