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ORBI Prime is the world’s first 360° 4K video-recording Eyewear

As great as many action recorders are, finding a truly hands-free option that still offers all of the bells and whistles can be a little tricky. This is where ORBI is stepping in with its new Prime sunglasses, the world's first 360° video-recording eyewear, designed for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers to capture their most exciting moments in stitched 4K resolution.

The ORBI Prime glasses have just launched on IndieGoGo with a $75,000 goal, which has almost been reached already with just $4000 left to go at the time of writing. These glasses pair up four 1080p cameras mounted discreetly along the frame, offering 30 frames per second recording and a 4K resolution when stitched together. There is space for a replaceable 128GB microSD card, built-in WiFi, AAC stereo 48KHz audio capture, a 1000 mAh battery and micro-USB charging. Right now, the recording time is rated at around 90 minutes.


There are some other features to keep in mind, such as the UV protected polarised lenses, real-time image stabilisation and water resistant design. However, as with most crowd-funded efforts, the ORBI Prime won't be sent out for a while, with a current shipping date set for August 2017. Being the first of its kind, these glasses will also cost quite a bit with the official price being set at $499, though early backers can get it for $329 or $349 depending on just how early you are.

So how did this product come to life? Well according to ORBI co-founder and CEO, Iskander Rakhmanberdiyev, the company wanted to make something that “lets you capture your unique perspective with the world”. On top of that, ORBI saw a gap in the market, as many surveyed action camera users were after a “truly hands-free and high-quality option”. The ORBI Prime is designed to be sleek but incredibly powerful under the hood. Hopefully, it can live up to that when it eventually launches in 2017.

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KitGuru Says: While cameras aren't usually my strong suit, the idea of cramming all of that technology into a pair of sunglasses is incredibly interesting to me. Do any of you guys have much interest in video recording and camera setups? What do you think of ORBI's offering?



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