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Researchers develop first working lithium air battery prototype

Up until now, lithium air batteries have been purely theoretical. However, recently some researchers at Cambridge University managed to put together a working prototype, with extreme energy density, with a 90 per cent energy efficiency boost. Early tests also show that it can be charged more than two thousand times, so things are off to a promising start.

In a research paper published by the university (Via: TechRadar), Clare Grey, then senior author on the paper said: “What we’ve achieved is a significant advance for this technology and suggests whole new areas for research. We haven’t solved all the problems inherent to this chemistry, but our results do show routes forward towards a practical device.”

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This latest advancement in battery technology was made possible thanks to a highly porous carbon electrode made from graphene and a number of additives. Unfortunately, a practical version of a lithium air battery is still around a decade away, so its going to take a while.

The researchers do believe that there are ways to solve the problems currently associated with this new technology, but it will take time. Either way, it is good to hear that advancements are being made as far as batteries go, particularly since our smart devices are becoming more and more power demanding each year.

KitGuru Says: This kind of technology is still years away from being practical but it is great to see advancements being made. Right now, better battery technology is one of the most requested things when it comes to smartphones, maybe in ten years time that issue will be fully solved. 

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