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Samsung denies using software to cheat TV power efficiency tests

An independent research group recently levied some pretty hefty accusations at Samsung recently, claiming that the company was using software on its TVs to cheat energy  efficiency tests. This isn't the first time that Samsung has been accused of this, it was discovered that past Galaxy smartphones were capable of detecting benchmarks and then clocking the processor to run faster than it normally would to produce higher numbers.

However, Samsung has denied that it is using TV software to detect when tests are being run and then using ‘motion lighting' to dim the backlighting on a display to produce lower than usual energy consumption numbers.


Samsung put its counter-argument in to its own blog post, which says: “Motion lighting is not a setting that only activates during compliance testing. On the contrary, it is a default setting which works both in the lab and at home; delivering energy savings and helping us to reduce our environmental impact.”

The company did note that not everyone will use its motion lighting feature, so some may see higher levels of energy being used. However, that is the customer's choice as the feature comes switched on by default.

The research group making these accusations against Samsung has yet to publish its full paper but The Guardian has had a chat with those involved.

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KitGuru Says: Reports of TVs detecting energy efficiency tests and readjusting brightness levels to improve results aren't uncommon. Do any of you own a Smart TV? How important is energy efficiency to you? 

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