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The FAA is finally on-board with Amazon’s drone testing

It looks like the US Federal Aviation Authority has finally got its act together as it has finally given Amazon the permission it needed to conduct drone test flights on US soil. The move follows strong words of disappointment coming from Amazon, after the FAA approved the use of a drone that was outdated months ago. 

Following Amazon's initial application to test its delivery drones, the FAA were incredibly slow to react, forcing Amazon to move on and begin testing elsewhere, by the time the aviation authority came around, the drone in question was already obsolete. Now the FAA is finally properly on-board with Amazon testing its drones on US soil, although there are some safety regulations that the company will need to adhere to.


The remote-controlled drones will be allowed to fly at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, as long as they remain within line of site. They are limited to flying 400 feet above the ground, must stay at lest 500 feet away from humans and only be tested on private property.

Amazon will now begin testing delivery drones in the US, although it will also continue its operations abroad where regulations aren't quite as strict. Just last month, the company began testing in Canada, not too far from the US border.

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KitGuru Says: It looks like Amazon's words of disappointment did the trick when the FAA approved an outdated drone for testing a few weeks back. Now Amazon has the proper approval it needs, which means it can likely begin developing its delivery drones at a slightly faster rate than before. 

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