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Warner Bros sets sights on Reddit with new Google DMCA requests

Google gets millions of DMCA takedown requests per day for search results but once in a while, we come across specific requests that really stand out. This seems to be the case this week as it looks like Warner Bros latest batch of link removal requests contained a link to a Reddit page.

Within its latest batch of requests, Warner Bros hoped that Google would remove links to the BestOfStreamingVideo subreddit, a fairly popular subreddit dedicated to sharing links to streaming sites for movies or TV shows. However, since the complaint pointed to the subreddit itself and not one particular thread, Google declined the request.


Image Source: Gustauma

Three of Warner’s links were submitted in part of a copyright claim over the film Interstellar, one of those links was the BestOfStreamingVideo subreddit, rather than a single post. This stood out as all of the other links submitted pointed to specific pages.

This isn’t the first time Google has refused to remove links to this subreddit. As TorrentFreak points out, Lionsgate tried a similar tactic last year too and was also denied. Since then, one of the subreddit’s moderators has criticised Warner Bros, saying that their time would be better spent coming up with a decent legal alternative to piracy.

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KitGuru Says: This goes to show that Google does pay attention to specific takedown requests and will step in when it needs to, which is impressive given the sheer volume of DMCAs it receives on a daily basis.

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