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Wireless charging to advance next year

Wireless charging is set to get a fairly decent upgrade next year as new technology has been developed, capable of tripling current wireless charging speeds. At the moment, charging a device wirelessly can take quite some time as the technology can only run at 5 watts.

This will change next year with Freescale, a chip manufacturer aiming to release a quick charging unit. The new wireless charger will be able to run at 15 watts, giving it the potential to charge devices three times faster than current models. A phone with a 4000mAh battery could charge in a couple of hours, which would be a nice step up.


This could also open the door for wireless charging on tablets. Currently, tablets don't tend to support wireless charging as the 5 watt limit would cause painfully long charge times, but a 15 watt charger would perform much better.

Intel is also looking in to developing its own wireless charging technology next year so it looks like we can expect plenty of developments in 2015.

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KitGuru Says: Battery and charging technology has improved very slowly over the last few years, it's nice to see companies starting to focus on it. Do any of you guys use a wireless charger?

Source: Tech Radar

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