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Closest thing to ‘Star Trek’ Holodeck a reality

10 days ago the new ‘Reality Deck officially opened at New York's Stony Brook University. The creator of the concept has described it as ‘The closest thing in the world to Star Trek's holodeck'.

The four walls are covered in 416 high resolution screens that deliver 1.5 billion pixels. SBU say this is the largest resolution display ever driven by a supercomputer.

It measures 33 x 19 x 10 feet and is the first of its kind to break the one billion pixel barrier. It has five times the resolution of its closest rival.

The purpose of the room is to help scientists, physicians and engineers to work with huge amounts of data. Not really ideal for typing in Word then.

Images are fed to the displays by a 20 nose visualisation cluster with 240 CPU cores, delivering 2.3 TFLOPS of power. The system has 1.2 TB of memory installed and 80 GPU's (320GB) which can handle 2.3 TFLOPS of data.

The room also has a surround sound system installed with 22 speakers and four subwoofers.

Kitguru says: We can only dream of when a system like this is in our homes!

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