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Gigabyte’s Giga Computing unveils new Compute Nodes powered by EPYC Genoa

Many of us know Gigabyte for their PC components, peripherals and monitors but the company's subsidiary, Giga Computing, is also big in the server world. In October, Gigabyte's Giga Computing is exhibiting at the OCP Global Summit, showcasing new EPYC OCP V3 Compute Nodes.

The new GIGABYTE OCP ORv3 products include a 2OU node tray, TO25-BT0 , and AMD Genoa compute nodes: TO25-Z10 , TO25-Z11 , and TO25-Z12 . The new GPU server based on AMD Genoa, the TO15-Z40, offers immersion cooling server deployment with ORv3 specifications.

From entry-level computing to DevOps and to hybrid HPC / AI workloads using both CPU and GPU, the new AMD Genoa compute nodes offer optimised cooling for supporting CPUs at a TDP up to 400W, full height and full width PCIe slots for up to four double-width GPUs, space for up to 12X E1.S drives, 24 slots for DDR5 memory and the highest core count per socket with up to 128 physical cores and up to 1.15GB of L3 cache.

Giga Computing will offer a first look at its latest server hardware at the OCP Global Summit in San Jose from October 17th to the 19th.

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KitGuru Says: Gigabyte continues to build up its presence in the server and data centre markets.

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