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Apple stores given special protection in London riots?

Reports have been released that suggest the Metropolitan Police in London may have given ‘special attention’ to Apple retail stores in danger areas.

A concerning report says that while a 20,000 square meter Sony warehouse was being burned to the ground the police were treating an Apple Store in Oxford Circus in London as a higher priority concern.

Reports have been posted on various websites, such as the International Business Times and they are sure to raise a few eyebrows among the retail community.

According to reports, the Apple Stores were cleared of stock to prevent looting and police posted guard outside the store to maximise protection.

Police outside Apple Store - Regent Street, London

The picture was reportedly taken and posted on Twitter by @Joe, a venture capitalist with m8 Capital in London. Other publications have said that the Apple Store should have been given significant protection due to the high value of the goods inside.

Kitguru says: Apple given special treatment?

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