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Apple set to destroy millions of iPhone 5 chargers

As time moves forward, so the battle between legitimate product producers and dodgy copy merchants heats up. In the latest engagement, Apple seems to have fired a rather clever broadside against the Chinese. KitGuru checks for a stable supply of (Apple) juice before investigating further. When KitGuru interviewed an Apple …

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Apple stores given special protection in London riots?

Reports have been released that suggest the Metropolitan Police in London may have given ‘special attention’ to Apple retail stores in danger areas. A concerning report says that while a 20,000 square meter Sony warehouse was being burned to the ground the police were treating an Apple Store in Oxford …

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Apple revenues grow 3 times faster than operating expenses

Latest reports show that Apple are leveraging growth with revenues three times higher than their expenses. Goldman Sach’s, the new Apple analyst says that their unique design concepts are helping to feed their growth “Apple’s hardware products often capture the hearts of consumer with their innovative and elegant designs, and …

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Apple set to open Shanghai store

Apple are due to open a second store in China tomorrow, this time in the Shanghai financial district. This store is going to display a 40 foot cylindrical glass wall and will be the first store to open since the China store opened in Beijing two years ago. Apple’s senior …

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