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FBI arrest alleged members of Anonymous

Reports in from America today indicate that the F.B.I. have apparently arrested members of hacking group Anonymous. This is one of the largest raids in recent history as 14 alleged members have been taken into custody.

The LATimes say that two of the people were from Southern California, although no officials have yet briefed the press with any updates.

The FBI and other authorities have been activity chasing hacktivist groups such as Lulzsec and Anonymous now for months and this breaking news could be just the start of a series of arrests.

Anonymous have been in the press now for some time after being linked to attacks on Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Amazon. Their sweeping array of attacks came as retaliation after Julian Assange was arrested for leaking classified information to the public, via his publication Wiki leaks. The attacks have been part of a range of ‘cyber protests’ against governments and law enforcement divisions.

Yesterday however one Anonymous member tweeted that the arrests will not stop the cyber attacks.

@ThaiAnonymous said “It doesn’t matter how many people the FBI arrest #anonymous have started something unstoppable.”

The age of the individuals arrested vary greatly, from 20 to 42 year old and the authorities claim they are just part of a wider scope of investigation currently underway.

The FBI have said they also arrested Lance Moore, 21, who is said to have worked for the LulzSec hacking group last month. He is said to have published stolen information which is owned by AT&T.

Latest reports also show that five alleged hackers have been arrested in Europe although no details have as yet been released.

Kitguru says: Is this just the start of a series of arrests?

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