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IDC report shows iPad taking 11% of PC Market

The iPad continues to grow from strength to strength as the latest reports from IDC show that Apple’s tablet is now hogging 11% of the PC market.

IDC are a well respected organisation, and their report, published in the last week highlights that Apple are continuing to see growth.

Worldwide computer sales are at 84.4 million in the last quarter, which shows a growth of 2% from last year.

Businessinsider have an interesting take on the report, saying : “Looking at it another way, assume that most iPads were sold to consumers, and that overall PC sales are split about halfway between consumers and businesses. In that case, the iPad has already sucked up about 20% of the consumer PC market.

Or, looking at it yet ANOTHER way, if the iPad were lined up against all other computers, it would be the fourth-biggest computer brand in the world — after HP, Dell, and Lenovo, and ahead of Acer. Add in Apple’s 3.95 million Macs, and Apple sold 13.2 million personal computing devices, making it the second largest computer vendor in the world, after only HP (with 15.3 million).”

Kitguru says: Does the continued growth highlight that people are shifting from PC’s to tablet? Or is it a ‘fad’ that will pass in the next couple of years? Without Apple, the sales within the tablet market really wouldn’t be that convincing.

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