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XFX EyeFinity stand tips up in London store

With something like specialist stand, it is important to see it in the flesh so to speak. XFX makes a big deal about the extra desk space you get compared to sitting TFTs on your table. Now you can go see for yourself, if you are in London that is.

Playing games with resolutions like 5760 by 1080 is impressive. Also, with modern cards it does not need to cost so much. System company YOYOTech is specialist in creating EyeFinity systems and in store you can see set-ups with two screens, three screens and even four screens. They promise that six and more is to come soon. Good viewing.

The important thing is that they are showing a selection of stands for each solution. For the triple screen action they are using the brand new XFX stand that Zardon just reviewed.

Here is a shot of the triple screen set-up in action being powered by affordable system with 6770 CrossFire. More importantly, you can see XFX super graphics honcho Gavin Pitt, showing how much special love he has for the EyeFinity cards.

Special love exists between a gamer and his EyeFinity cards is what we hear

KitGuru says: If you are inside the M25 and want to try EyeFinity, there are not many options, but YOYOTech is one of them and has this stuff on show 7 days a week. If you know of other places, then give KitGuru some names and addresses and we will post them for everyone to see.

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